Fashions of Retribution Part 3: Mathilde and Agnès 

Also introduced in chapter two of Retribution are Catharine’s two daughters, Mathilde and Agnès. These two girls are close in age to Marianne and appear wearing school uniforms. 

I took the design of their school uniform from these photographs of schoolgirls from the period. 

To the funeral of their aunt, Marianne’s mother Madeleine, they dress in mourning black. Notice the contrast between these fashionable and sophisticated looking dresses and those worn by their cousin Marianne in the first post. 

Mathilde, the older girl, is thirteen while her sister Agnès is eleven. I took the design of their dresses from this 1920’s catalogue page showing stylish dresses for adolescent girls. 

Their coats and hats come from this catalogue page from the period. 

Stay tuned for more designs. 


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