Late Victorian/Edwardian makeup

Late Victorian/Edwardian makeup


Fashions of Sidewalks of New York Part 4: Mrs. Ackerman’s Concert 

Chapter four of Sidewalks of New York opens with Melanie Barrow calling at the Ackerman house. 

 Melanie wears a visiting dress taken from this plate from the Tom Tierney paper doll book Gibson Girl 


The color and patterns come from this costume worn by Lisa O’Hare as Sibella in A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.  The ostentatious use of pink in Sibella’s costumes fits the over the top sex-bomb imagine I imagine for Melanie. 


Her hair is worn in a fashionable Gibson Girl esque style 

Melanie wears a duster coat taken from this period catalog page.   

Melanie chats with Sarah, a young maid in the Ackerman household 

 The uniform worn by the Ackerman maids was taken from this period photograph 

 Melanie then encounters Lucy Ackerman, who mentions that Mrs. Ackerman is holding a concert to raise money for charity. 

The shape of Lucy’s dress comes from this dress from the period. 

The color and designs of her dress come from this costume worn by Jessica Brown Findlay as Beverly Penn in Winter’s Tale. 


Her Gibson Girl hairstyle was taken from this period imagine. I can’t tell if it’s a drawing or a photograph 


Lucy then asks where her cousin Natalie is. Natalie has snuck out to go looking for new additions to her collection of knickknacks 

 The shape of Natalie’s outfit was taken from these costumes worn by Kara Lindsay as Katherine Plumber in Newsies 


 The pattern on her blouse and the overall color scheme come from this costume worn by Lauren Worsham as Phoebe in A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. 


She wears her hair in a loose, wavy style like this 


Over her outfit, she wears a grey cape taken from this one from the period. 

I have lost the original images I used for Natalie’s hat but it is a smart little black one with a lace veil, something like these. 


Well Natalie arrives home after her downtown adventure, she has to quickly change her dress before going to perform in her aunt’s concert. 

Natalie’s white dress was taken from this one from the period. 

 After Natalie’s  performance in the concert, Mrs. Ackerman confronts her and scolds her for sneaking out. 
 Mrs. Ackerman’s at home dress was taken from the same Tom Tierney plate I got Melanie’s visiting dress. 

Natalie is sent to her room and Mrs. Ackerman and Lucy are visited by a Mrs. Weston, who’s son Jeremy, Natalie has a crush on. 

 Mrs.  Weston wears a copy of this outfit. It is black and would be appropriate for a widow like Mrs. Weston. 
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Fashions of Sidewalks of New York Part 3: Ashlyn’s Wedding 

In Chapter Three, we travel downtown again to see what Ashlyn and Will are upto. They get married on a cloudy Sunday afternoon in early November 


   Her dress and veil were taken from two period wedding photographs 

  Lace is an important part of an Irish bride’s wedding outfit and Ashlyn wears a beautiful lace veil which belonged to Aunt Nora.   It is also an Irish tradition for a bride to wear her hair in some form of braid. A braid might be worked into Ashlyn’s Gibson Girl chignon in a way such as this. 

Now for the finishing touches of Ashlyn’s wedding outfit. Around her neck is a silver Celtic cross 

On a black satin chocker  


Ashlyn would also carry a rosary like this from Victorian Trading Company 

 At the wedding are Ashlyn’s aunt Nora and Will’s aunt Deirdre 


 Aunt Nora wears a suit taken from this one worn by Rebecca Mader as Aunt Cordeila in Samantha: An American Girl Holiday. 

  Aunt Deidre wears an outfit like this one 


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Fashions of Sidewalks of New York Part 2: High Society 

In chapter two of Sidewalks of New York, we travel uptown to see how the other half lives. First we meet Lady Abigail Beaumont, the niece of the wealthy Joseph Ackerman who has married the English Earl of St. Oswald. 

  Lady St. Oswald has just finished a long journey. She and her husband, the Earl, have been living in Shanghai and sailed from there to San Francisco. From San Francisco, the St. Oswalds traveled by train across country to New York. Lady St. Oswald’s traveling outfit was taken from this plate of the Tom Tierney paperdoll book Gibson Girl 

The newcomers are greeted at Mr. Ackerman’s Fifth Avenue home by his wife, Mrs. Ackerman, Lady St. Oswald’s aunt. 

  Mrs. Ackerman’s “at-home” dress was taken from this dress from the period 


Also there is Natalie Flood, the daughter of Mr. Ackerman’s late sister 

Natalie’s dress was inspired by this dress worn by Anna Friel as Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

  The ruffled hem was taken from this dress   

Natalie is sixteen years old and has not yet fully entered society. A girl at Natalie’s time of life would wear her hair down long in a style something like this 


Natalie sent to fetch her cousin Lucy, so she can welcome her father home. 


Lucy’s outfit was inspired by this costume worn by Sierra Boggess as Christine Daée in Love Never Dies 


In her hairdo, she wears a Lalique Art Nouveau hairpin inspired by this. 

Her father brings her back a pearl necklace from San Fransico which I took from Victorian Trading Company’s Lily Elsie necklace. 

A mysterious visitor arrives at the Ackerman home, it is another niece of Mrs. Ackerman, Melanie Barrow 

  Melanie’s visiting outfit was taken from another plate from Tom Tierney’s Gibson Girl. 


That everything, Mr. Ackerman comes to say goodnight to his daughter and niece. 

Lucy’s night was taken from the nightdress worn by Jessica Brown Findlay as Beverly Penn in Winter’s Tale. 

  Natalie’s wears a nightdress something like this. 

 Lucy’s dressing gown is something like like this one from Victorian Trading Company 

  Which reminds me of the one worn by Sierra Boggess as Christine Daée. 

  Natalie’s dressing gown was inspired by this one from Victorian Trading Company. 

  Her beautiful braid was inspired by Mackenzie Mauzie as Rapunzel in Into The Woods 

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