Fashions of Retribution Part 11: Underworld 

In chapter six of Retribution, we have our first foray into the seedy underworld of Paris when Augustin and Léon go to a speakeasy called Le Monstre where a singer called Mademoiselle Hélène performs.

Hélène is beautiful and voluptuous with dark hair and pale skin made artificially rosy with rouge. She wears a   slinky crêpe de chine evening dress like this worn by Keira Knightly as Cecilia Tallis in Atonement, except in blue rather than green.


Her dark hair is described as being worn in loose finger waves. I imagine her hairstyle being something like the one Clara Bow wears in this photograph.

These black Art Deco earrings would go great with Hélène’s slinky blue dress.

Later in the story, Augustin brings Marianne to Le Monstre, where they meet a couple who they assume have just gotten married because the girl is wearing a wedding dress.

Her wedding dress was inspired by the wedding dress costume worn by Laura Osnes as Polly Peachum in The Three Penny Opera. 


And this 1930’s wedding dress

With that dress would go this veil

In chapter nine, we are introduced to prostitutes Marie and Cerise.

Marie is described as wear a striped, sleeveless, knit top like the one the girl on the left is wearing in this picture.

And a white underskirt like this

Cerise is described as wearing a camisole like this

And a white skirt like this

Also introduced is a barmaid named Clare, who is the girlfriend of Augustin’s friend Jules.

I imagine Clare wearing an outfit like this one worn by Melissa van der Scyff as Blanche Barrow in Bonnie and Clyde the musical. 

Ganster Bruno Faucherie, wants Augustin to be involved with a robbery he is planning, he sends his beautiful mistress Hélène to persuade him.

Hélène’s look was partly inspired by that of famous gun moll Bonnie Parker. Her rose colored outfit was taken from this costume worn by Laura Osnes playing Bonnie

Hélène, the girl who lured Augustin into the crime, is also there when he is arrested for it.

Her black evening dress is something like this one worn by Ann Dvork as Cesca in Scarface. 

And her bib necklace is something like this one worn by Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby. 

Stay tuned for more designs


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