Fashions of Retribution Part 15: Trip to Normandy

Last Summer when I was visiting Paris, I took two excursions into Normandy and absolutely loved it there. These trips inspired the visit Charles, Adèle, and their family make to visit Adèle, Charlotte, and Jules’s parents. 

To travel, Adèle dresses in her usual pristine white. 


Adèle’s traveling dress was adapted from this costume worn by Mia Farrow as Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby. 


Charlotte wears a tan colored Art Deco inspired outfit. 


Taken from this outfit worn by Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby. 


 Along for the journey are Charlotte’s twin daughters Aimée and Desirée. 


 Their traveling dress was taken from American Girl Doll Kit’s scootering outfit. 


 While on vacation in Normandy, the family spends the day at the beach.  




Adèle’s bathing suit comes from this photograph of Jean Harlow 


Charlotte’s comes from this photograph


Adèle wears a headscarf and a kimono like Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan  


Charlotte wears a beach coverup like the ones from this 1930’s catalog page. 


Aimée and Desirée’s bathing suit was copied from American Girl Kit’s bathing suit 


That evening, Adèle and Charlotte and their husbands attend a glamorous party 


Their evening dresses come from this page from a 1930s fashion magazine. Adèle’s is the one by Maggy Rouff on the right. Charlotte’s is the one by Jeanne Lanvin on the left. 


I love the color of this Daisy Buchanan evening dress, so I used it for Adèle’s evening dress. 


The black and rhinestone motif of the out worn by Mia Farrow in this publicity photo for The Great Gatsby is where I got the idea for Charlotte’s Lanvin evening dress 


Also at the party is a famous dancer named Ninon. 


The idea for Ninon’s outfit is this evening outfit worn by Mia Farrow in The Great Gatsby. The reason I used so many Gatsby outfits for this party is because I imagine it being the type of party that all the Daisy Buchanans and Jordan Bakers of 1930s France would be at. And I love the shimmering blue fabric and the white marabou. 



 I adapted this outfit for a decade later by using this outfit


Stay Tuned for More 😃


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