Fashions of Retribution Part 21: Afternoon Tea 

In Chapter 21 of Retribution, Adèle and Sarah join Charles for afternoon tea with Catharine and Mimi. 


The outfit Adèle wears to the tea party was inspired by the Barbie Fashion Model Collection High Tea doll. 

The clothing worn by the Barbie Fashion Model Collection dolls look very 1950-60’s. I adapted the taupe dress worn by High Tea for the 1930s using this dress, I also used it for Adèle’s hat. 

Adèle’s black velvet coat was taken from this 

 The jewelry Adèle wears with her tea outfit were taken from theses pieces 


Sarah, Charles’s mysterious old friend, joins him and Adèle for a tea party. The tea party is at the home of another old friend of Charles, prompting Adèle to say that Charles has a lot of lady friends that she doesn’t know about.  

Sarah’s dress was taken from this dress from the period. I closed up the key-hole loop to make it more modest for an older woman as Sarah is supposed to be. 

With the black dress, Sarah wears an orange hat like this   

Her tan colored military style coat was taken from this coat 

The old friend of Charles turns out to be Catharine 

Catharine’s dress was inspired by this costume worn by Cate Blanchett as Lady Tremaine in Cinderella   I adapted it for the 1930s using the dresses from this period sewing pattern.   

These pieces of emerald or peridot earrings would go well Catharine’s green outfit. 


Charles appears to have known Catharine and her sister Mimi for a long time and has a history with them 

 Mimi’s outfit comes from this 1930s sewing pattern. 

  Mimi’s bracelet and earrings come from these pieces 


 Also attending the tea party are Catharine’s daughters, Mathilde and Agnès. 


 Their dresses were inspired by these dresses worn by Holliday Granger and Sophie McShera as Anastasia and Drizella Tremaine in Cinderella 

  Mathilde’s dress was taken this period sewing pattern. 

  Her hair and makeup were taken from Clemency Burton-Hill as Claudia Reese-Holland in Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Third Girl.  Agnès’s dress comes from this dress on an old cover of the fashion magazine Le Petit Écho de la Mode. I found this under 1930s but upon closer inspection I found that it actually comes from the late 1940s. You do not see much of the skirt of the dress on the right, but judging by skirt of the dress on the left, it is full skirted a la Dior’s New Look. Noticing my error, I made the skirt less full to suit the silhouette of the 1930s.   Her hair and makeup come from Matilda Sturridge as Frances Cary in Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Third Girl.   

The tea party turns out to be a plot by Catharine to reunite Charles with his daughter Marianne, who has spent her life believing that he had died during the Great War. The evening after, Catharine reads Agatha Christie and feels little remorse for the shock she has given her niece. 


Her house dress comes from this sewing pattern.   I made it black like this robe worn by Mimi Bassett as Emma Parker in Bonnie and Clyde   Her leopard print slippers are an homage to this robe worn by Cate Blanchett as Lady Tremaine.   Image this slippers but with a leopard print. 

Stay Tuned For More 


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