Early Morning

Early Morning

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Fashions of Sidewalks of New York Part Six: Christmas 

Chapter Five begins on Christmas Eve, with Ezra Faber spotting a girl listening to a barrel organ. This girl is Natalie Flood. 

Natalie’s dark red dress was inspired by this one worn by Miss Acacia from Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart 


I adapted it for the 1890s using this period dress 

 Natalie’s coat, hat, and muff were inspired by this costume worn by Alicia Viksander as Princess Kitty in Anna Karenina. 

  Of course it was updated for the turn of the century using this period catalogue page. 

 Natalie wears her hair in pretty ringlets like these. 

 While Ezra and Natalie play with the barrel organ, Lucy shows up to usher Natalie away. 

Lucy wears a light blue and yellow dress taken from this one. 

Her cloak comes from this one. I made it blue with swansdown trim after a description of a cloak worn by May Welland in Age of Innocence. 


She wears a sable fur toque like this one worn by Michelle Dockery as Princess Myagkaya in Anna Karenina 


That evening, Mrs. Ackerman has a family dinner party. 

Her evening dress was taken from this plate from Gibson Girl  by Tom Tierney 


This plate of paper dolls also inspired the dinner dress worn by her niece Melanie. 

Melanie’s Christmas Eve dinner dress was also inspired by Keira Knightly as Anna Karenina 

Mrs. Ackerman wears a bow made of diamonds and sapphires like this. 

Lucy is also dressed in red. 

 Her dress was inspired by this one worn by Jessica Brown Findlay as Beverly Penn in Winter’s Tale 

  Made up in the style of twenty years earlier using this dress. 

  At her waist, she wears a garnet brooch like this one. 

  And garnet ears like these ones 

Natalie is dressed in pink. 

 Her  pink evening dress was inspired by another costume worn by Alicia Viksander as Princess Kitty. 
And this more 1890s dress 

Natalie’s Christmas Eve outfit is finished off with a pair of diamond swirl earrings 

  Another dinner guest is Lady St. Oswald 

It was taken from this fashion plate from the period. 

And she wears a gold, enamel, and pearl tiara made to look like a branch of ivy in her hair. 

Christmas morning begins with Lady St. Oswald waking up early and defying convention by suckling her beloved baby son herself. 

 Her nightdress and negligee were copied from this plate from Gibson Girl 

  On Christmas Day, Laurie Brady and his foster brother Jimmy go to Central Park where Jimmy plays with a well dressed little girl named Madeleine. 

  Madeleine’s Christmas dress was taken from the Christmas dress worn by American Girl Samantha Parkington 

  Jimmy gets his first lesson in the social structure when Madeleine’s older sister tells her not to play with a ragged urchin like Jimmy. 
The older sister’s dress comes from another one of Samatha’s holiday dresses. 

The coats and hats worn by the two sisters were taken from the coats and hats worn by Samantha and her friend Nellie O’Malley. 

That night, Ashlyn and Will host a little get together with some friends of theirs. 

Ashlyn wears a white muslin dress with a green sash like this one. 

She wears a large red bow in her hair inspired by this promotional photo of Emma Watson who will play Belle in Beauty and the Beast 


Ashlyn’s Christmas present from her husband is a chataleine to carry her sewing supplies 


Aunt Deirdre wears a stylish beige suit 

 Taken from this one worn by Megan Follows as Anne Shirley in Anne of Green Gables 

  Aunt Nora wears a simple blue dress 

taken from this one from the period. 

The day after Christmas, Laurie and Jimmy go to visit their friend Ezra and his family. They meet for the first time, Ezra’s pretty sister Sarah. 

  Sarah’s dress was taken from this one worn by Ele Keets as Sarah Jacobs in Newsies  

 And the best dress of American Girl Rebecca Ruban. 

Rebecca was also the inspiration for her coat and hat. 

Sarah’s coat also comes from this one from the period. 

Also their is the mother of Sarah and Ezra, Mrs. Faber. 

Mrs. Faber is a widow and of course dresses in black mourning clothes. 


After being brought back to the Ackerman home by her brother, Sarah chats with her roommate Hannah before going back to work. Hannah has just returned from going to the nickelodeon with her footman sweetheart. 

Hannah wears a brown suit 

Underneath the jacket is a pretty lacy blouse. 

Stay Tuned For More  

Scandalous: 1950s 


Fashion: The 50s saw economic prosperity which meant that women could spend more money on clothes. Picking up where the 40s left off, femininity was firmly back in fashion. Post World War II, Christian Dior presented the  “New Look” which featured voluminous skirts puffed out with crinolines that emphasizied feminine curves. Also worn were curve hugging pencil skirts and peddle pushers. The dress I’m wearing I bought at an antique clothing store at was marked “Early 1960s”. Fashions changed little from the 50s over to the early 60s. 

Perms and elaborate bouffant hairstyles were popular in the 50s and early 60s. I went for a high ponytail of the type I used to call “Sandy ponytails” because I associated them with the heroine of the musical Grease 

Makeup: World War II significantly decreased the male population so women had to work harder to catch a husband. Makeup had made the full circle from the Victorian era. When fifty years ago makeup was considered suspect, by the 50s, most women would scarcely ever go out without it. But heavy makeup was still associated with loose women. 
What I’m Reading: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (1953) 

Why It’s Scandalous : The act of reading itself would be considered scandalous in the futuristic dystopia depicted in Fahrenheit 451.  Ray Bradbury wrote what is considered his finest work to warn against the emotionless conformity of the television age and it has been taken as an allegory for government censorship. The story shows how television turns people into mindless couch potatoes who are only aware of what the government shows them via television. Reading can make people sad and leads to differences of opinion and disagreement, disagreement with authority.