Scandalous: 1930s

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Fashion: Economic depression made fancy clothes impractical and hard to get come by. Many women had to make do with simpler dresses, often made from the material used to make feed and flour sacks. This was so common that feed and flour began being sold in sacks made from material with attractive patterns so that people would be more likely to buy them. But the 1930s are part of what is known as the golden age of Hollywood, and the glamour of the movies took people away from the hardships of reality. Slender was still the ideal silhouette but fashion began to embrace curves again.

Makeup: Makeup was worn in a similar way to how it was in the twenties but it began to move towards a more natural look. Dramatically thin and arched eyebrows carried over from the previous decade and the thirties was when women began plucking their eyebrows to achive the desired shape.

What I’m reading: Gone with the Wind by Margret Mitchell (1936)

Why it’s scandalous: Gone with the Wind has long been controversial for it’s portrayal of blacks and it’s glorification of the antebellum plantation system and also the behavior of it’s largely immoral heroine must have raised a perfectly arched Greta Garbo-esque eyebrow or two.


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