Fashions of Retribution Part 26: New Years Eve 

In chapter twenty-three of Retribution, Catharine throws a New Year’s Eve masquerade party.  New Year’s falls during the twelve days of Christmas, so it is common in France to exchange Christmas presents on that day. Mimi gives Marianne a new evening dress to wear to the masquerade party. 

The evening dress is described as being made of silk and chiffon and being of the loveliest shade of blue imaginable. The design I made for it was based on the ball gown worn by Lily James as Ella in Cinderella. 


The shape of the dress comes from this 1930s evening dress. I think this photograph is of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire 

The beautiful blue evening dress comes with a white masquerade mask. 

Catharine gave Marianne a pair of pearl earrings as Christmas present which Marianne wears with her evening dress. 

She also wears a pearl necklace which her grandmother gave her for her fifteenth birthday. 

Also, she wears an opal hair comb which had belonged to her mother. It is an egyptian inspired Art Deco piece like this. 

Marianne’s long hair would be twisted up into pin curls to mimic a fashionable bob. The hair comb would be worn as decoration in the back like this one worn by Laura Carmichael as Lady Edith Crawley in Downton Abbey. 


Marianne’s hairstyle was inspired by this photograph of Vivian Leigh. 

Every Cinderella needs a pair of glass slippers, or at least a pair of silver dancing shoes. 


Agnès and her boyfriend Kit plan to sneak away from the party, so she confines in Marianne as they are getting ready. 

Agnès wears a teddy inspired by this photograph of Joan Blondell 

The golden yellow color comes from this costume worn by Sophie McShera as Drizella Tremaine in Cinderella. 


Agnès’s hairstyle comes from this photograph of actress Raquel Tores 


This hairstyle is similar to the one in the earlier photograph of Vivian Leigh. Both of these hairstyles remind me of Snow White. 


Both Agnès and Marianne seek to keep the secret of Agnès’s elopement from her mean spirited sister Mathilde. 

Mathilde wears a style of bra from the era called a ferrero bra. 

And a pair of tap pants. 

The orangish pink color of her underwear comes from this costume worn by Holliday Granger as Anastasia Tremaine in Cinderella. 


Mathilde wears a pair stockings with black stripes like these. 

Her hair is worn in finger waves and pin curls like these. 


At the party, Mimi helps the maid Annette bring in hors-d’oevres. 

Mimi wears a white evening dress inspired by the costume worn by Helena Bonham Carter as The Fairy Godmother in Cinderella. 


Adapted for the 1930s using this Miss Depew Vintage design. 

A common hairstyle for long haired women was the chignon with finger waves. 


For accessories, Mimi wears a white lace mask and silver and diamond jewelry. 


Mathilde shows off by singing Christmas carols for her guests. 

She wears a shimmer black evening dress taken from this one from the period. 

And a beaded black headband like this one worn by Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey. 


Before singing, she would have to take off her plague doctor masquerade mask. 

Agnès accompanys her sister on the piano. 

She is dressed in a champagne colored evening dress copied from this one by Jean Patou. 

With this, she wears a matching champagne colored mask

Finishing up her evening look is a gold headband like this one worn by Lily James as Lady Rose MacClare in Downton Abbey. 


An argument starts when Mathilde’s friend Solange insults Marianne by repeating nasty gossip about her relation with Augustin. I like the way this outfit came out, Solange looks like a super hero (or a super villain) 

Solange’s evening dress was copied from this Lanvin original. 

Her hairstyle comes from this photograph of actress Bebe Daniels. 

She wears a silver headband like this one worn by Lady Rose. 

Her super hero look is finished up with a silver mask like this one 

The argument escalates into Mathilde back handing Marianne and her wedding ring cutting Marianne’s cheek. I imagine Mathilde’s ring being something like this one. 

Before she elopes with Kit, Agnès barrows her mother’s best sable fur coat which would be something like this. 


The lovers are able to sneak past her mother Catharine, who is busy scolding Mathilde and Solange. Catharine also looks like a super hero. 

Catharine’s evening dress was inspired by the ball gown worn by Cate Blanchett as Lady Tremaine in Cinderella. 


The shape of Catharine’s evening dress comes from this Butterick dress pattern which was taken from a gown designed by Orry Kelly that was worn by Kay Francis in The Key Hole. 


Like Lady Tremaine, Catharine wears gold gloves but in a more muted gold. Like these ones worn by Lady Edith. 

Her hairstyle is also the fingerwaved chignon

She wears a green mask like this one, except I made the feather gold. 

Her evening look  is finished up with gold and emerald jewelry. 


Solange’s mother Carole defends her but is put in her place Catharine. Like her daughter, Carole looks like a super villain. 

Carole’s evening dress was copied from an original designed by Travis Banton and worn by Anna May Wong. 

Her hairstyle was taken from this photograph of Marlene Dietriche 

She wears a black lace mask and black net gloves. 

Her look is finished off with gold and garnet jewelry 



Fashions of Sidewalks of New York Part 10: Trip to the Theater Part 10

In Chapter 10 of Sidewalks of New York, Laurie brings Ashlyn to Ada’s theater for a job interview with Ada’s costume designer, Cora. 

Cora’s dress was taken from this one from the period. It has a bohemian feel which I think would be appropriate for someone working in the theater world. This dress also reminds me of Frozen for some reason. 

Later in the afternoon, Laurie and Ashlyn watch to matinée of Ada’s show, where she appears as Little Bo Beep. 

Ada’s hat was inspired by these sketches of costumes from the Follies Bergère.  

The bodice of her costume was taken from this sketch of a Greek shepherdess costume for a production of Winter’s Tale. 


The revealing tulle skirt was taken from this painting. 

The pink ribbons on her bodice come from this painting. 

The showgirls are dressed as Little Bo Peep’s sheep. 

I imagine these showgirl sheep costumes being something like an 1890s version of this Halloween costume. 

The mini dress comes from this turn of the century inspired showgirl costume. 

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