Scandalous 1930s: Part 2 


New Roles For Women: The 1920s saw more women competing with men for jobs and the stock market crash of 1929 meant that even more women needed to take jobs in order to support themselves and their families. Most of them looked to Hollywood movies and the exciting lives lead by film stars to take their minds off of their hardy and dreary lives. 

Changes in Fashion: Economic depression meant that fashion was not always a priority. When you look past the slinky, glamourous fashions worn in the movies, the clothing worn by your average woman could look rather frumpy and even rather masculine. Not having much money and needing to work can make one chose their clothes based on practically rather than stylishness. Pants, which were previously an avant-garde fashion choice, now had a firm place in sports, leisure, and work ware. 

Art Imitates Life: Finding one’s self in reduced circumstances would be familiar to the readers of Gone with the Wind and Scarlet O’Hara viciously clawing her way back up the social ladder may have been wishfulment for many of them. One of Scarlet’s primary motives is a fear of poverty, something familiar to survivors of the Great Depression. 


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