Fashions of Retribution Part 28: Agnès’s Wedding 

In chapter 23 of Retribution, Agnès elopes with her boyfriend Kit and they are married in chapter 24.  Charles goes the church in hopes of seeing his daughter Marianne, who is a bridesmaid. Before the ceremony, he talks with Catharine and Mimi.   

Catharine’s mother of the bride outfit was taken from this period fashionplate 


The combination of black and white with gold accents reminds me of  the Dulcissima Barbie doll from the Fashion Model Collection.  

I looked to Dulcissima’s sister doll Luciana for Mimi’s outfit. 




Her suit comes from this period fashionplate. 

I did not like the hat on the outfit on the outfit I chose for Mimi so I softened it’s somewhat mannish feel by swapping it for a lovely cloche hat worn by the equally lovely Madge Evans. 


Agnès comes down the aisle chatting with her bridesmaids about how she and her husband are going to spend their honeymoon in Egypt. 


Agnès’s wedding dress was taken from this period cover for The Delineator 


Her short wedding veil was inspired by the Principessa doll from the Barbie Fashion Model Collection. I imagine Agnès’s gown also having lovely silver embroidery and sequins like Principessa’s gown. 


Agnès wears a tiara of golden leaves which is a family heirloom that has been worn by every d’Aubrey bride for several generations. It would be something like this. 

Marianne is one of Agnès’s bridesmaids. 


The bridesmaid dresses were taken from this period inspired outfit. 

Her accessories are a nod to the Fiorella Barbie doll. In the description on Barbie Collector Website, it says that Fiorella is the heroine of a Felini esque movie who is lonely and lovelorn in the middle of a wedding (presumably Principessa’s) which perfectly describes Marianne in this scene. 


Marianne’s hairstyle come from this period photograph, I want to say it’s of Carole Lombard. 

On her way home, Marianne stops to visit her friend Manon who has gone into mourning for her brother. 


Manon’s mourning dress was taken from this dress from the period. 

Her long, dark hair is twisted into a French braid like this one. 

Her she wears a black lace mourning veil like this one. 


When she arrives home, Marianne is overcome with hopelessness and tries to commit suicide with blood staining her pajamas. 


Inspired by these sewing patterns from the 1930s. 


Lucille, the Prideau family maid, wakes up her master and mistress to tell them the news of Marianne accident. 


The uniform was taken from this 1930s photograph of a maid and and this uniform from the period. 

 Adéle is shocked by the news and waits up for her husband while he is at the hospital visiting his daughter. 

She wears pajamas inspired by this glamorous 1930s lounge ware outfit. 

And a headscarf inspired by Mia Farrow as Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby. 


Stay Tuned For More. 


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