Ren Faire

Ren Faire

Chloé 3 4 sleeve shirt

Gypsy skirt


Bag Girl Goes: 1770s 

5 July 1776

Mrs. Rose called upon us this morning after breakfast and mother served tea and pastries. The weather today was lovely, a bit hot in the sun but still quite nice. Today, the morning quiet was disturbed by the ringing and shouting of the town crier and the chiming of the bells of the nearby church. There was an important message from the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, and the people of Sandy Bay were encouraged to go to the town square to hear it.

Mrs. Rose and I went into town, which was filled with people and a buzz with excitement. Mother and Father did not join us because Mother was busy about the house and father is not feeling well. The soles of my shoes are a bit worn and make a clack sound like metal when I walk and in my old homespun, I felt like a country bumpkin. Mrs. Rose is a jolly and pleasant sort and greeted nearly everyone we passed. We encountered my Uncle Roger in front of a shop which sells fish and lobsters. He asked me to bring his greetings to my parents.

The day was bright and beautiful with sunbeams dancing off of the ocean and making it sparkle. Mother Nature is wearing her diamonds today, as my old nurse Ruth used to say. When the church bells rang ten of the clock, everyone gathered in the town square to hear the important news.

The hot sun made me feel a bit faint and wilted. Good thing I brought my fan. A man with a loud, booming voice came into the square and read aloud the message from the Continental Congress.

What he read aloud was a statement listing grievences against the King and reasons why the American Colonies should be free. At first, I did not not what to think of this idea. Mr. Williams, who we dined with last night, said it was treasonous and would have shouted “fie” if he had been there. But Mrs. Rose huzzahed in agreement. I fied at the King’s abuses and huzzahed the Continental Congress’s message of independence until I nearly lost my voice.

Mrs. Rose invited me over for syllabubs to celebrate. On our way back, I told her that her sister, Mrs. Sweet, is coming over tomorrow to measure me for a new gown, which I’m looking forward to.