Bag Girl Goes: 1770s


25 September 1775

Father took Mother and I, along with my friend Jasmine, who was visiting with us this week, to the faire in Sudbury yesterday. The weather was perfect, a quintessential, crisp fall day. It was cool in the shade but hot in the sun.  The sky was cloudy with some patches of blue. Sudbury Fair was held in a common near the village inn. After we set up our blanket, they played several contra dances, which Jasmine and I joined in on. It was something like a ball and I’m glad that I wore my finest gown.

After the dancing, we went to have a look in the vendor’s tents. I’m getting over a cold and have a nasty cough, so I bought horehound candy, a honey stick, and maple sugar cake to share with Jasmine. Next, we went to a tent set up by milliner and I bought a pinner cap. Then we paid a visit to Mr. Lawson, a friend of my parents, who was there selling some of the baskets he wove; my mother must have bought at least several of them. 


 We poked around several of the tents and ran into my father. He was looking into buying a new waistcoat but did not have enough money at the moment. Father then went to speak with some gentlemen of his acquaintance about the muster of the militia which was to take place that afternoon. 

After I stopped at a haberdashery tent to buy a new pincushion, and admired some beautiful hats which unfortunately cost more money than I had, Jasmine and I looked at these exotic beasts from the Andes Mountains called Alpacas. They look something a goat but with a longer neck and covered with wool like a sheep which you weave into cloth like sheep’s wool. 

After looking around the fair, we returned to where our blanket was set up and enjoyed our candy and the kettle corn which Jasmine bought. We were joined by Mr. and Mrs. Belyea and Mr. and Mrs. Nichipor, some friends of my parents. The Nichipors brought their little dog, Fritz, who is rather spritely. Jasmine, who is not fond of dogs, was not pleased.  Mother brought a lunch of her famous sally lunn bread and cold meats and some rarebits. 

The muster began in the afternoon with militias from all over the Colony of Massachusetts marching into the commons with fife and drums playing. There were so many of them that the muster seemed to go one for hours. 

My parents and their friends talked amongst themselves, another lady of my mother’s acquaintance joined us and sermonized about the sinfulness of gambling, I worked on my embroidery, and Jasmine napped in the grass. The muster got exciting when His Majesty’s 10th Regiment of Foot arrived and began berating the crowd for attending this illegal assembly.  The Colonel of one of the militias was arrested by the lobsterbacks and things did not look good for him.  


Today, Jasmine and I went into Sandy Bay to do some shopping. Mother Nature treated us to another beautiful autumn day. I showed Jasmine some of my favorite shops on Bearskin Neck. I bought some fine soap imported from France and Jasmine picked up a book to give as a gift to her sweetheart. When we were finished, we returned home and enjoyed some tea brewed from mint and lemon balm from our garden.  


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