Why I Dislike Annie and The Sound of Music

Several months ago I got in trouble on Facebook for complaining about how most of the students in my writing class either did their film reviews on One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, a movie I’ve seen twice and am indifferent too, or The Sound of Music, a movie I also care little about. The most was meant to a be a dig at the conformity and unoriginality of my classmates and my frustration at reading, pretty much, the same review over and over again, but it was taken as a diss of two beloved and well respected movies. Last week, I chose The Sound of Music as a musical that I find overrated. The musical Annie was given as the musical that I hate. All of the comments I got on this post were some variation on “how can you not like Annie!” and my Facebook friends pretty much wanted to crucify me (pun not intended, even though it was Easter).

I am not that type of person who thinks that because I dislike something, there is no reason that anyone else should like it; I try my best to see both sides of an argument. Both Annie and The Sound of Music have their own cutesy, sentimental, and nonthreatening charm and I understand why they are popular. My only real excuse for not liking them is that I simple don’t: I find The Sound of Music bland and Annie annoying but it all comes down to personal taste.

Perhaps part of the reason why I have come to hate Annie is because I performed in two productions of it when I was in elementary and middle school. The first time I was in Annie, I had been previously told that we would do Grease and I was hoping for a chance at the role of the Sandy. When the second time came around, I was in eighth grade and desperate be given a decent part by my middle school drama club after two years of being relegated to the chorus. I was a big fan of Kristin Chenoweth during this time and wanted to play the character of Lily St. Regis (Chenoweth was her in a television version of Annie) and thought I had a fair shot: I was wrong. My enjoyment of the musical is marred by bad memories. The Sound of Music is a musical and movie that I just never got into.

I admit that I like a lot of things that most people do not and I try not to be personally offend when someone does not enjoy a song, movie, etc. as much as I do, even though it can be difficult. People can form a strong personal attachment to their favorite things that if someone insults one of these things, it can hurt them directly.  Everyone is entitled to their own tastes: we can make as good a case as we can for why we like sometimes and why others should feel like wise but this can only go so far.



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