On Seeing John Legend


Months ago, Jasmine and I heard that John Legend was going to speak and perform at Salem State. We were both amazed that Salem State could engage such a big name star and we immediately bought tickets. Legend was booked for sometime in March, but as the date approached it was rescheduled for May 2nd. My ticket came in the mail, and I put it in my purse, occasionally checking to see that they were still there. I cannot quite remember if I dumped out my purse to look for something else and forgot to put it back in or simply threw it out, mistaking it for a useless old piece of paper. Luckily I was able to call the Salem State Lecture Series office and they emailed me a copy of my ticket.

The original date in March was on a Thursday, a day when I only have one class which is over by noon. May 2nd was a Tuesday and on Tuesdays I have a class from 4:30pm to 6:50pm. I sent my professor an email saying that I would leave early at 6:00. After I left, I met Jasmine at the McDonalds across the street from the O’Keefe Center, where the event was being held. The doors opened at 6:30. Luckily, we got there earlier and it did not take too long for us to get in. I was afraid that my dinner would get cold.


The event ended with Legend performing three of his songs. The second was Ordinary People, the song which made him famous. Legend is an exceptionally talented musician and songwriter and his songs are exquisite. I think I got a little teary eyed at one point.  He finished up with his most famous song, All of Me, which he told us was written about his wife, Chrissy Teigen. It is also Jasmine’s mom’s favorite song. The entire audience was cheering and singing a long.  

It end around 8:30 and Jasmine and I walked back to our dorm, singing All of Me. Jasmine was a bit disappointed that he did not sing one of her favorite songs of his, Glory, which she played for me when we returned. I was still singing All of Me when I went to the vending machine. A guy said to me “you saw John Legend didn’t you?”


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