Jasmine’s Trip To Gloucester


One of the events that I’ve book looking forward to all summer is the weeklong visit of my roommate and best friend, Jasmine. I’ve been plotting for weeks what we were going to do, where I would like to take her, and how we were going to cope with a minimal budget. 

Jasmine lives all the way in Worcester, so it took a bit of finagling to get her here. She arrived here in Gloucester around 10:30 on Monday and we started watching an episode of General Hospital. At noon, I made us some lunch and we ate out on the porch. We finished watching General Hospital after lunch and then watched the latest episode of Still Star Crossed. Until my mom came home around 4:30, we read each other’s stories on Wattpad. 

We spent the evening in Rockport. Mom dropped us off at the Rockport House of Pizza, where we had dinner. After Jasmine and I ate, we went to look in a shop called The Wicked Peacock for a birthday present for Jasmine’s mother; she ended up buying a pair of earrings shaped like anchors. I looked through a bunch of different shops to find a pair of chinese slippers, like the pair belonging  to my brother’s girlfriend Gaby, which I admired, but I could not seem to to find any. Since I could not find the slippers I was looking for, I thought I could go to Toad Hall Bookstore to buy a copy of The Handmaid’s Tale, but we missed Toad Hall’s closing time by twenty minutes. We had a hard time thinking of things to do, since most of the shops were closing down at this time. I promised Jasmine ice cream, so we went to an ice cream parlor in a building where my grandparents once had a shop. While we were in line, Jasmine and I started talking to the couple in front of us because I compliment the guy on the patches on his backpack, one of which was about Jim Morrison, whose grave I saw when I was in Paris. The guy said that we almost saw the grave and that the girl with him was French. When we got our ice cream, I took Jasmine to a dock near Motif Number 1, where we sat for a while.



After we finished our ice cream, we watched up Bearskin Neck to the breakwall. I’ve been going to Bearskin Neck all of my life but I have never walked across the breakwall. This time, I decided to change that. Jasmine did not want to come with me because she was afraid of dropping her shopping bag. It was interesting to finally walk across the breakwall because I got to see Rockport from a different perspective. 





By this point, we had run out of things to do, so I called my mom to come get us. When we got home, we watched the 1990 film version of The Handmaid’s Tale. 

We had planned on going out to breakfast at Charlie’s Place on tuesday morning and then walking to the nearby Good Harbor Beach but the weather was terrible, so we decided to attend the seven o’clock showing of  Spider-Man: Homecoming at the Gloucester Cinema. Not much was done during the rest of the day: we watched the latest episodes of General Hospital and the movie Moana and I made pizza for lunch.


At quarter to seven, we went to the Gloucester Cinema. Spider-Man: Homecoming is a film that I have been considering seeing since I grew up with the original Spider-Man films starring Tobey Maguire and Spider-Man is one of my favorite superheros. Jasmine was interested in seeing because she is a fan of the Disney Channel star Zendaya, who has a small but crucial role in the movie.


Novice superhero, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) struggles to prove himself to his mentor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and deal with the typical trials of high school and adolescence. The film successfully combines the awkwardness of being a teenager and both the reality and wish fulfilment of being a superhero. Peter Parker wants desperately to join the Avengers but is still trying to figure out his super powers and who is as a person and the kind of hero he wants to be. The film’s message is pretty much “nowhere man, don’t worry; take your time, don’t hurry.”  Jasmine said it was good and she liked seeing Zendaya.

If I was a superhero, I would probably a mixture of Spiderman and Captain America, my two favorites. They are my favorites because I can relate to them; Captain America started off as the stout hearted weakling Steve Rogers and Spiderman started off as the geeky underdog Peter Parker. Jasmine told me that her favorites are Wonder Woman and Supergirl, because they are the best known female superheroes.

My brother offered to take Jasmine and I to the beach on Wednesday but would not be able to do so until noon. I declined the offer because I was concerned about getting home in time to shower before I had to go to work at four in the evening. Wednesday was sunny but humid and only a brief respite in the bad weather we have been getting this week. Jasmine and I took a walk down the street to see my old elementary school, West Parish. The building I went to school in no longer exists, as it was completely rebuilt within the past few years.




Our walk to West Parish was the only thing of note that we did on Wednesday. After we got back, I made lunch and we watched General Hospital at two o’clock. At four, I went to work and my shift lasted until nine. Mom and Jasmine picked me up and we got McDonald’s on our way home. Jasmine and I watched clips from One Life to Live until eleven.

Thursday was another low key day. The weather again was bad and we pretty much stayed in my room and worked on our writing. At noon, while we ate lunch, we watched a documentary about Mary, Queen of Scots, and at two o’clock, we watched General Hospital. I had work from four until nine and from ten to eleven, Jasmine and I watched One Life to Live. 


My old baby-sitter, Ruthie, died a few months ago and her funeral was on Friday. My mom and I went to the mass at 9:30, and then to the cemetery. It was a beautiful funeral and Mom and I were touched. Mom brought me home and then went to the reception. She had to be back at work by one o’clock, so she picked Jasmine and I up at home around 12:30 and dropped us off at a restaurant called Leonardo’s. I stupidly left my money at home so I had to walk up the street to the courthouse, where my mom works, to get money from her so Jasmine and I could get lunch.


The Cape Ann Historical Society was open for free on Friday, so I decided to take Jasmine there after lunch, since it is a good introduction to Gloucester’s culture and history. I have gone there a number of times throughout my life, and I showed Jasmine some of my favorite items in the collection. My best loved painting is one entitled “Lady-Chain” by Charles Hopkinson, which features his daughters playing in a garden. I think I liked it best because it has pretty dresses. At two o’clock, there was a reading of a children’s book called The Serpent Came to Gloucester, which is about a sea serpent which has been sighted near Gloucester over the centuries. After the book reading, we looked at the two galleries on the second floor which has artifacts from Gloucester’s sea going past and the galleries on the top floor. One of them is dedicated to the Folly Cove Designers. Of course, Jasmine and I stopped in the gift shop before leaving; I got a bookmark of nautical knotted rope and she got a pair of candles. 

When we were finished with the Historical Society, I brought Jasmine to the Pleasant Street Cafe for some hot chocolate. We then walked down Main Street and looked in a couple of shops. There is a historical house from the 18th century on Main Street called the Sargent House which I have never been inside and I thought Jasmine and I could check it out, but we had to pay twelve dollars to get in, which we did not have. At four o’clock, we walked back to the courthouse and waited for my mom to get out of work.


Jasmine specifically said that she wished to got to Friendly’s while she was down here, so Mom took us there for dinner. Again, we watched One Life to Live from ten to eleven. 


For the past couple of years, I have gone to an event called Abbadia Mare at Hammond Castle here in Gloucester. It was something that I thought Jasmine would enjoy, so it was lucky that her trip here coincided with it. We arrived at Stage Fort Park a little after eleven and took a shuttle to Hammond Castle. At 11:30, we went to watch a performance of trio of women called Ladies of Integrity, Aristocracy, Repute, and Society or “L.I.A.R.S” at the castle’s drawbridge. We arrive in time to catch the tail end of a performance by a group known as Misfits of Avalon. The L.I.A.R.S  sang several songs about being a free spirited lady with a taste for drink and an eye for men and I enjoyed them greatly. Jasmine and I left a little bit early to listen to a singing group called Myschyffe Managed in the great hall of the castle.  Myschyffe Managed is one of my favorite parts of the Abbadia Mare and I am thinking of buying their cds.


After listening to Myschyffe Managed, Jasmine and I had a tarot card reading. The card I picked was called the Ace of Coins, which depicted a dragon leaving its cave. It signifies a change or a new phase in life, a leap of faith into the unknown. There is a white rose growing behind the dragon which signifies that you will not be able to see that this change is a good thing until it has happened. Jasmine picked the high priestess, which signifies that she is a leader full of creativity and good judgement. We then got lunch, mozzarella sticks, and ate outside.


At 1:30, we returned to the drawbridge to listen to Kate the Storyteller, who told the tale behind the song Molly Malone and the legend of the Selkie Wife. Jasmine stayed to watch an act called Tom Foolery, while I went to the front lawn to do some shopping. I bought a rose, whose petals I’m going to dry for a sache, some soaps, body scrub, and bath salts, and a hat. Jasmine and I met back up again for 2:30 to watch The Brotherhood of Arrow and Sword. My dad was interested in this group, so I decided to film the fights for him.



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